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The Chartreuse de Neuville in partnership with the Wilmotte Foundation (FW) is launching an international architecture competition for the extension of the Cultural Meeting Center of the Charterhouse of Neuville.

This competition aims to imagine a project of contemporary transplant and arrangement of the outbuildings of the largest French and entirely protected Carthusian monastery.

The objective to this call for ideas is to select one to three winning projects with a view to moving on to a second competition phase through to the specific preliminary design, prior to construction.


The targeted area is potentially renewable and transformable thanks to added spaces in order to become the center of the Cultural center. It is called the Obediences.

It used to be the area was everything that served the daily life of the monastery was located: laundry room, forge, carpentry.

Theses spaces were used by the various communities that occupied the site in the same spirit as technical and productive spaces.




The new spaces adjoining the Charterhouse of Neuville must translate the values that have marked the history of the Charterhouse just like those of its renaissance.


  • Integrate perfectly into the site and its architectural organization through consideration of the ordering of the different buildings that make it up and the development of their functionality. Linked to a place of culture and contemplation, but also economic and research activity, the new spaces must define themselves as the true lifeblood of the Cultural Center;

  • Be focused on the future, by incorporating innovation in its DNA:
  • Technical and technological innovation,with a strong digital dimension that must permeate the whole project;
  • Societal innovation: By involving the regional stakeholders, including the most fragile ones, in the design and creation of the spaces, to extend the welcoming and inclusive spirit that is dear to the Charterhouse and which has formed its history;

  • To develop an economical, ecological sober and environmentally friendly approach by following a logic of circular economy, sustai- nable development and energy efficiency, which echos the original self-sustaining dimension of the site. The use and local sourcing of the materials is therefore essential, as is the production and reuse or recycling of construction site waste, local companies and the life of the third location.

  • As the project is one involving the grafting of contemporary buildings, the off-site construction processes, if they are pertinent, will be welcome.



There is no fee to enter the competition.

The deadline for submitting complete file is october 2018, 18h.


French and international architecture students and young architects who are registered in the professional body of their country or who can prove their current or past registration in an architecture school  can enter the competition.


There is no age limit. However, entrants must be either:

  • at least in the fourth year of architecture for the 2018-2019 school year
  • or hold a state-registered degree (ADE) or equivalent awarded after January 1, 2011.




If you wish to contribute(compete), thank you for REGISTERING YOU BY COMPLETING THE FORM BELOW OR IN LIGNE

You will receive an order number by mail


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